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Donkey Car S1: Getting Started Guide
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Launch the mobile app. Agree the terms when you use it for the first time.

The app will search for cars in the network. Your car should appear with an IP

Tap the car and go to the first time setup menu

Setup Controller type and country

You will be presented with a screen to perform a first time setup.

For controller type, select MM1. (If you are using Donkey Hat version, select Donkey Hat.)
Choose the country you are located. We need this information to comply with country specific Wifi rules. If an incorrect country is selected, unexpected wifi connection issue may occur.

Wifi Setup

Tap wifi setting. Configure a wifi to be used by the Donkey Car. 

Search the wifi network nearby and select the wifi network you want the Pi to connect. 
Input the password. Make sure you have typed the password correctly.
Optionally, you can set the hostname and change the password of the Pi. We do not recommend doing this unless necessary. 
After you have finished, tap Done. Donkey Car will connect to the wifi network and close the hotspot. You will notice that your mobile phone is disconnected from the hotspot. Normally, your phone will automatically re-connect to the wifi network you were using. 
Note: For some reason the mobile app may hang on the saving config screen. Kill the app and restart. Make sure your phone is connected to the same wifi network you tell Donkey to connect.
When the app rescan the network for Donkey Car, it should find the donkey with a local ip (e.g. in this screenshot). Congratulation! You have configured Donkey Car to connect to your wifi network.

Main Menu

Tap the car go to into the main menu. You will be presented a screen like the following. We will talk about them in the next section.