Unity VR 開發課程(入門)

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About Course

Preparation before class starts:

Setup PPT:

  1. Oculus Quest Setup:
  2. Laptop/Computer Setup: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1BGjYiNGpolfwWqTGXiE4RPeYHkFDSsArb0TgVmNnN4o/edit?usp=sharing
  3. Unity VR Process Testing


1) Hardware preparation:


  1. Students will need access to ADMIN LEVEL PERMISSIONs on Computers/Laptops during Lessons
  2. Project Files need to be stored on the device, as the files are too big to be upload and downloaded
  3. if there is more than 1 group of students, please make sure that each computers have a set account on them so that students will not need to log in and out each lesson.
    (Maximum 2 Devices Per Accout)
  4. Each Oculus Quest will need to be Dev Enabled for the Lessons.
    (Maximum 3 Oculus Headsets Per Account, 1 Acct can Activate Dev mode for 3 Oculus Headsets)
  5. Assign Students to laptops/Computers and VR Headsets
  6. Please Follow the full testing PPT after Setup is finished to ensure that the whole process does not encounter Problems


Laptops/Computers with requirements to connect to VR Quest 2
– (Please Test this with an Oculus Quest BEFORE Lessons to ensure that the devices work well)
– Requirements: https://www.meta.com/help/quest/articles/headsets-and-accessories/oculus-link/meta-quest-link-compatibility/
– Usb C 3.0 Input

Meta Quest 2 Headset (Can share 1 Headset per 2-3 students)



2) Software preparation Computers/Laptops:

  • Unity hub (Link)
  • Unity 2021 LTS (Install through Unity hub)
  • Unity Accts for Computers (2 Devices per acct)
  • Dev mode activated Oculus Quests (3 Devices per acct)
  • Oculus Software (Connect VR Headset) (Link)
  • Advanced Sidequest Software (Install Software to VR Headset)(Link)


3) Classroom environment preparation:

Projection equipment: Projector, screen, HDMI cable and microphone are required.


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Course Content

Introduction Unity & VR Headset Set up, Unity Basics
1. Unity VR Compatibility Setup 2. VR to Unity Connection Setup 3. Understand Unity Interface & Basic functions" PPT: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1AoKJ_7mYwvgRS-T0gZIq1C_1jXjytoEtH7Cv_oAZv0c/edit?usp=sharing

  • Unity VR Lesson 1

VR World Building & Experience
1. Learn to place and manipulate 3D Objects to Create a 3D world 2. Set up 3D World for VR Interaction 3. Experience 3D World in VR

Game Interaction Part 1
1. Plan Game Interaction → Start to Finish 2. Setup VR Game Interactions (Learning) [Drag & Drop Interface] Touch Interaction Grab Interaction Grab & Drop Interaction

Game Interaction Part 2
Game Process Setup Node based Visual Scripting Setup Step by step Actions → Connecting Nodes Setup Condition to transition to next steps

Visual Scripting & Visual Effects
1. Build Game for others to play and experience 2. Troubleshoot Common Errors or mistakes

Text to Speech Instructions

Build Project & Play Test

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